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hello everybody [15 Feb 2008|07:31pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

im not dead yet


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[09 Mar 2007|05:02pm]
does anyone want to buy some of the random stuff in my house? ask me what you want i probably have it.
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[08 Mar 2007|05:55pm]
[ mood | uncontrollable ]

me and my brother are free no federal charges, both of my parents will be in jail for now and prison later for a long time.

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[08 Mar 2007|08:07am]
[ mood | adsljlkhsd;kh ]

well im pretty sure today is my last day of court, if i dont make an update by tomorrow know that they put me away, in state penitentiary.

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hope for the best, expect the worse [02 Mar 2007|07:30pm]
[ mood | without the bouncing ]

i think i am cursed, i am so incredibly unlucky.

blah blah blah...

click if you want to hear me out,Collapse )

but its probably a waste of time.

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cat on a hot pink roof [18 Sep 2006|11:59am]
[ mood | sick ]

Update for those of you who didn't know.

My brother got this girl pregnant. I am just going to call her some girl, because I have never met her before.... ugh

I'm calling it now: drew gets another girl pregnant before this baby is born

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[04 Sep 2006|02:09am]
4 steaks, 3 bottles of vodka , 2 somethings, and 1 birthday in a pear tree.
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QUESTION [11 Jul 2006|11:14pm]
[ mood | < soccer face ]

Since when was I attractive?
Because I was assured that I was much below the standards.

I was hit on today more than the sum of previously.


X (the effort put into hitting on me today)
A (the effort put into hitting on me previously)
B (the effort I put into my image)

     A(B) < X - B

Does that make sense? I didn't do very well at grade school.
She was a nympho, but still...

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[25 May 2006|11:43pm]
go to the greenville bombers stadium on monday, ill be there playing the chicken dance..
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[25 May 2006|02:17pm]
sexy sousaphone
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everyone must watch [21 May 2006|04:56pm]
This might possibly be the most informative/controversial video you will ever see. It's long but it's worth it. Thanks to this video I really do want to leave the country now.

the truth about 911


google > government
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update [19 May 2006|02:43pm]
K, the best offer I have had for a ticket is 180

Originaly the ticket would be 209 with shipping, and with me, shipping is free (yay!). I will take a higher offer. Right now I only have one ticket for sale, I should have 2 more next month. Since Josh asked first I will have to go with what his offer is, but for everyone else, I will update as soon as I get the other tickets.
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anyone [18 May 2006|01:36pm]
want to buy tickets to bonnaroo?

P.S. I <3 lawyers and lawyers <3 money
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is it your birthday [10 May 2006|03:53am]
[ mood | : > ]

Okay, so the news is that I am moving to Texas in the near future. I <3 everyone and I will miss you all, but most of all I will miss my family. I plan to come back to SC in a few years and also plan to keep in touch with anyone who is willing. I am hoping I can leave by July but it's more practical to say that late August or September is when I will be moving.

Okay and I will also let you in on this>>>      my new contact information. When I discover it myself that is. This month I will be coming across some cards, roughly 10 boxes. So whoever would like a (free) booster pack don't be afraid to ask, and don't worry about the shipping either. K, here are pictures to help with your decision:

1, 2, 3, 4.

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How Gay I Am? [08 Mar 2006|06:54pm]

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

I scored an average of 4.33

01 2 3 4 5 6


This result can also be related to the Kinsey Scale:

0 = exclusively heterosexual
1 = predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual
2 = predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
3 = equally heterosexual and homosexual
4 = predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
5 = predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual
6 = exclusively homosexual

Take the quiz</a
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[01 Feb 2006|01:57am]
[ mood | w00t ]

He was alot like Fred Flintstone...... and I miss him.

TY FOR THE CONCERN ALL (emails, etc.)

I decided to update, but this doesn't mean I'm back for good.

Click down there if you would like to know what I've been getting into.

new record
I am #1
midis found here
not sure what this is and does it mean that I am satanic?

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[24 May 2005|09:09pm]
The plan should not be: Give, only to be taken back later. This has happened to me more times this year, than I can count. I don't think I can handle this anymore, so I give up. The oppressor has won, and I hope it's happy with what it's done to me. Change is inevitable dammit, too bad it has to be that way. In a parallel universe I might have fought bravely to the end. But if you know me, you know that I have no confidence and nothing to believe in. From start to finish is a cliche that will never apply. Being like this will not help my situation either, only make it worse, so don't point that out. But I have no reason to care. I have studied for nothing. I did accomplish nothing. I will ..... nothing. The future has no click. Thus concludes the end of this journal. The reason I started this journal is no longer apparent. So goodbye.
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Why Ai Orikasa is my favorite seiyuu: [17 May 2005|10:54am]
[ mood | yep ]

Because every little breath sounds like an orgasm from her.Collapse )

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evil day-night [14 May 2005|04:29am]
It was so terribly cliche.
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[11 May 2005|11:33am]
"No, No, No, No...I will not have mindless simplicity-bashing. Not on my watch. There are ways to make music interesting without utilizing a 12-tone scale based on the ratio of cornflakes to coco puffs in your neighborhood general store. As I have stated before with certain hiphop arrangements, simplicity must be used effectively to maintain any kind of musical interest. There is not always a need to modify the melody into a mutated beast of its former self. This track builds well, sustains a groove worthy of the highest paid jiggity-jivers in the whole damn town, and does enough breakdowns and mix-ups to keep it all jivin' without too much looping. There are subtle melodic mix-ups in the sine-wave lead that absolutely fit the new form of the tune in the best way. The way the rhodes and synth-a-plucks complement the chord changes runs chills down my spine. VERY well done. This is a textbook example of instrumentation and style adding enough to a track to look past the less-than-revolutionary arrangement."

What a shit talker.
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