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Who knows, my personalities are constantly changing.

I live in CandyLand. You know, the gumdrop house just off of GumdropPass? Well, that's where I stay. I live down the street from the PeppermintForest. And last week when I was in the forest, I had a chat with Mr. Mint. Well, don't hang out with Mr.Mint, he's a bitch informant for the CLPD. You see, the CandyLand police are actually human children who exercise their right to eat you on a regular basis. Anyway, Mr.Mint told me that he 'overheard' (yah right, you tall easedropping fooker.) GumdropPass's bridge troll and LordLicorice planning to assinate KingKandy and take over his majesty's empire of prostitutes. If he is serious, I wonder if.. when the king dies will PrincessFrosty be on the CoughdropCorner? Because I would love to rock her cradle. Man, I feel bad for Gloppy. Everytime I walk by the ChocolateSwamp it looks at me with those pitiful eyes. Eyes that say, "free me from this chocolate hell!" I want to set it free, but last time Gloppy was set free from the swamp he almost killed GrannyNutt. She set him free because she couldn't bear to see its suffering anymore. Gloppy then proceeded to run wild through PeanutAcres trampling over GrandmaNutt. GrannyNutt was only a young lady at the time, they called her NuttLass. She stayed in intensive care at the hospital for 3 months before she recovered from the rundown by the brutal fudge monster. Oh, and if your ever in the LollipopWoods, try to avoid Lolly, the bitch is crazy. She will tackle anyone at sight and rampantly dryhump them. Lolly's victims usually struggle to get away, and are often too feeble to to overpower her. She is a quite massive little lady.

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